Red Ribbon Week Celebration

                              “Your Future is Key, So Stay Drug Free!”     

 (October 30th – November 3rd)

The purpose of each day’s events is to bring awareness to positive activities that students can participate with, instead of turning to drugs and alcohol. Please help us promote these specific activities, while helping students make the connection with the greater message.

Monday, October 30: Sock it to Drugs                                                                             Wear your crazy socks.

Tuesday, October 31: Spot Me Being Drug Free!                                                                 Wear your polka dots!

Wednesday, November 1: Hooked on Books not Drugs                                                   Entire school reads from 2:00-2:15.

Thursday, November 2: We’re Red-y To Get Rid of Drugs Day!                           Wear your red clothing- shirts, hats, scarves, etc…

Friday, November 3: Team Up Against Drugs!                                                 Wear your favorite team shirt.

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